Beachpoint Church has been in Orange County beach communities for more than a hundred years, but we are still discovering new things about God, about ourselves and about what He wants us to do. Each member of our leadership team has a deep desire to help you get connected here and more deeply connected with God. Meet the team and then discover more about who we are and what we believe.

Bill Staffieri
Senior Pastor
Matt Lewis
Executive Pastor
Amy Hall
Pastor of Family Ministries
Joy Vetterlein
Pastor of Worship Arts & Communications
Mike DelGallo
Community Life
Gabe Hall
Pastor of Children’s Ministries
Brandon Le
Middle School Pastor
Justin Speak
High School Pastor
Bryan Forbes
College & Young Adults Pastor
Joe Romo
Technical Arts Director
Betty Grimes
Assistant to Pastoral Staff
Jann Forbes
Worship Arts & Communications Admin
Sarah French
Family Ministries Admin
Patty Saunders
Church Administrator